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Worship Services

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ONE SERVICE - Sunday at 10:00 a.m. – Blended Worship

Recently, the members of Messiah have decided to go back to having one service in order to bring all of our people together as one in Christ. The style of service is blended, where we incorporate both traditional hymns with modern worship songs. This may be strange for some at first, but we feel it is important to appreciate different types of music styles that aim to praise and worship the One True God. During the worship service, we incorporate liturgy to enhance our worship experience.

Our Sunday service also offers a video projected order of service and music which enables you to care for and hold small children without having to juggle service folders and hymnals. If you have any issues with viewing the projected service, we offer a large print bulletin for you to follow along. You are also encouraged to bring along your own Bible as we learn about God's Word together.