What to Expect

What to Expect

Since visiting any church for the first time can be a little intimidating, we've put together the following information. We hope it will answer your questions and reduce any anxiety that you may have about what to expect when you visit Messiah.

Here are some of the common concerns we answer on this page:

  • Getting Situated
  • We will not make you stand up or embarrass you!
  • What should I wear?
  • What about the kids?
  • What about the offering?
  • Will I be able to follow along with the service?
  • Can I take Communion?  How does it work?

Getting Situated

You can check out our home page for directions before you head out. Once you get here you'll find plenty of parking, including spaces for visitors and the handicapped. The building is fully accessible with signs at specific locations to help you get around. When you enter the building from the west double-door entrance, the Worship Center is to the left, coffee and snacks in the lobby are straight ahead, and restrooms are to the right down the main hall. Greeters will welcome you, give you a bulletin, and gladly answer any questions or help you if you need assistance.

We will not make you stand up or embarrass you!

We promise not to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. We will greet you with smiles and handshakes. We'll respect that your relationship with the Lord is a personal matter, and that your attendance is not for our benefit but for yours. If you as a guest would like, please feel free to fill out our Guest Registry located in the lobby area, and you can just give us the information you feel comfortable sharing. Whether you are a growing believer or merely checking out our church, we hope you feel a fresh expression of God’s love.  

What should I wear?

At Messiah, we do not have a dress code. Worshipers at Messiah wear anything from shorts and tee shirts, to slacks and golf shirts, to suits and ties. Please wear whatever you feel is most comfortable for you in this setting.

What about the kids?

We always welcome children but we also want parents to receive the greatest benefit from worship. For parents who would like to sit in a quiet area with their children, we have a nursery available. In the nursery we have toys for the little ones and audio so the adults can still feel a part of the ongoing service. Ask anyone to direct you to the nursery located in the lobby, a short distance from the sanctuary.

What about the offering?

Giving offering at Messiah is an opportunity for our regular members to actively respond to all God has given them by freely offering their resources in support of his church. We certainly do not expect or require visitors to put anything in the offering plate, though you are welcome to do so if you choose. There are plates in the back, near the entrance of the Worship Center, where offering can be placed.

Will I be able to follow along with the service?

If you're attending our worship service, everything you need in order to follow the service is in the printed bulletin or projected on the many screens in the Worship Center.

Can I take Communion?  How does it work?

If you have any questions concerning Communion, please ask an usher or greeter to direct you to one of the Pastors or Elders serving that morning. If you will be partaking of Communion but are unable to walk to the front of the church, notify the Pastor or Elders and a server will bring it to you where you are seated.