In Our Prayers

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In Our Prayers

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Updated January 31, 2023

In Our Prayers


Norm Eifler - prayers for all of Norm's family for peace and comfort.

Dennis Meyer - [Brother in law of Carolyn Meyer] - prayers for all of his family for peace and comfort.

Kenneth [Brother of Alden Elshof] - prayers for all of Kenneth's family for comfort and peace.

Otto Ahlgrim - prayers for Tiny and all of their family for peace and comfort.

Bill Aspden - prayers for Pam and all of the family for peace and comfort.

Jan Dirkes of Libby Montana [Sister-in-law of Arlyn Behrmann Dirkes] - Pray for her husband Bill, of 55 yrs. and all the family.


Steven P. [Son of Pauline] (cancer) - update - doing better after receiving Cancer treatments and able to resume some of his active lifestyle again.

​Bob L. [neighbor of Orv and Darlene C.] (cancer)

Josephine V. [Good friend of Kathy R.'s sister] had surgery for brain tumor 2 months ago and now it has returned requiring more surgery and chemo and radiation treatments

Linda T. [Cousin of Ed R.] - had a bone marrow transplant and the next week will be very difficult for her. Prayers for healing and strength.

David P. [Son of a former boss of Beverly S.] - Prostate cancer has spread to other areas.

Diane B. [Aunt of Deven N.] - update - had bladder and uterine cancer and her cancer treatments worked and she is in remission!  Praise God!!

Gary - [prayer request by Nancy] - Brain Cancer

Christy - [prayer request by Nancy] - Breast Cancer

Mark P. - [Brother of a very close family friend of Sue and Tom B.] - Mark was diagnosed with cancer. 

Marc R. [Cousin of Denise] - has prostate cancer

Illness/Health :

1/31/23- Marilyn R. - update - is improving each day at home and is now able to eat some foods. Prayers for continuing improvement and strength and for a full recovery.

1/28/23 - Dan M. [Son of Carolyn M.] is scheduled for bypass surgery on February 20. Prayers for his surgery and a full recovery and healing.

1/28/23 - Christi [Daughter of Carolyn M.] - had back surgery on January 12th and is home now doing better. Prayers for a full recovery.

1/28/23 - Sue G. - fell and broke her collarbone and has a brain bleed. Prayers needed for strength and healing.

1/25/23 - Joan H. - update - had a fall and is now recovering at home. Prayers for continued healing and strength for a full recovery.

1/23/23 - Beth S. [Sister of Maureen W.] - Beth fell while visiting her daughter in California and broke her hip, had to have emergency hip replacement. Will be recovering away from home for at least 4 weeks before being allowed to return home to Colorado. Prayers for continued healing and that she regains strength to do rehabilitation required for mobility. She has difficulty with balance and walking due to Multiple Sclerosis.

1/17/23 - Shane S. [Nephew of Denise S.] Shane was diagnosed with ALS (he is 37yrs old) and he has 3 young children. Prayers for Shane and all of his family for strength with this devastating news.

1/13/23 - Susan S. [Sister of a good friend of Kathy & Ed R.] - Susan fell in a parking lot and broke her Femur and her wrist. She was transported to the hospital and is awaiting surgery. Prayers for healing and for her doctors to manage her pain and a successful surgery.

1/5/23 - Alexandra N. [daughter of Melissa and Daniel N.] - Alexandra has lupus and is dealing with many health issues. Praying that her health improves and that she is feeling better very soon.

12/16/22 - Diane [Sister of Ed R.] - is in the hospital with bacterial infection in the bladder, kidney and blood. As of today she is showing signs that medicine is helping, but the doctors are running tests. Should have more information whether there are different types of infection in the different organs. Prayers for a complete recovery and that she starts feeling much better very soon.


Shut Ins: (Please contact the church office for shut-in contact info)

Bob & Marlo B., Delores G., Dick and Elaine H., Beverly & Jennings K., Pauline P., Dorothy S.,

Additional Prayers

We pray for safety and protection of all of our church members, families and friends. Continuing prayers and thanks for our healthcare workers, first responders, military, teachers, pastors and all of our essential workers.

Prayers for the situation between Russia and the Ukraine.

Prayers for one of our Messiah Families that are dealing with multiple stressful events in their lives - prayers for strength and encouragement for all of their family.

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